Divine by Halla

Yesterday I visited Stockholms konstnärliga högskola to photograph the dress rehearsal for Divine by Halla Ólafsdóttir. On stage were students from the second year of the Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performance.

cute & disgusting
divine rockstars
cleansed together in wood soil
fuck yeah
wild animals
noisy bodies
owning it
taking care, watching over,
screaming stillness
for far away raves and
near far gaze,
we shake
dust from the burned yearns
water lake healing
nocturnal diva nocturnal beasts
emancipating abundance embrace
deep magic, magic fun
channeling past future presents
you are my sister witch
and I love you

divine, divine, divine, divine,
divine, divine, divine…

with love, the dancers ♥

Poem by the dancers
Halla Ölafsdóttir

Halla Ólafsdóttir in collaboration with the dancers

Anni Koivusalo
Aino Vartiainen
Aymara von Borries Bisbicus
Inka Keränen
Julia Christoffersson
Linnea Johansson
Lucien Rault
Malla Aaltonen
Maria Arkouli
Maya Giraudet
Mira Buus Raasmussen
Natalia Perea Santana
Riikka Lyra
Saga Ivéus Wenglert
Sarah Hanses
Tovalisa Delin
Ulrik Ørsnes Jansen
Zosia Krzyszycha

Stage technician and lights: Mali Dönmez
Composer “Futo”: Shida Shahabi

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