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For the last few days I have been in Edinburgh for a neuroscience conference organised by my boss. I flew in from Stockholm and met up with the others, coming up from Cambridge, in Edinburgh. Here are some street photos taken wandering around the city, and the odd photo from the conference itself.

A snapshot close to the railway station with Roman, Gaby and Ellese. Looking at the photo now I think I overexposed it slightly in post processing.
Catherine in our group strikes a pose. I’m playing with the reflections in the black wall on the left. There is a road sign pole to the right, also reflected to the left, which provides a natural framing. The highlights have been darkened slightly in the sky to bring out a little bit of texture.
There is a big statue of David Hume on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh made by Alexander Stoddart. It has become a tradition for the students to rub or kiss the toe of one of his feet. Not sure why really, but when in Rome…
My original photo was really dark, just showing the light in the background and the outline of Paul and the foot. I have pushed the exposure, making the photo brighter, then darkened the blue channel to almost zero to eliminate the sky in the background. The end result is similar to the original exposure, with the difference that now you see more of Paul and the foot.
There is a statue of Greyfriars Bobby, a dedicated dog that has been immortalised. I asked Gaby to pose with Bobby, and then took a low angle shot to isolate them against the sky. There is quite a bit of post processing with the colours, and on top of that I added a texture from Adobe Paper Pro (included in Creative Cloud) to give the sky more structure.
Ellese snapchatting. Here I tried to place her against the sky framed by the houses. The street lines lead in to her, and the highlight from the headlights of the car helps define her. The photo was desaturated with a slight brown tint, and then a texture with a colour gradient was applied.
A searchlight blasting was bathing a big truck in light that changed in colour. The light was coming through some foliage that I tried to use for framing. It is a pretty simple shot, but I like the repetition of shapes that Gaby’s shadow creates.
On the way back the girls ran into Hercules.
Diana checking some posters out, timestamp on the photo says 11pm.
Aenea Hendry and a colleague on the second day of the conference. In the background you can see one of the construction sites for the yearly Edinburgh Fringe festival that starts soon.
Part of the Commonwealth Games is hosted by Edinburgh, and there was a considerable police presence in the area. When we passed the second patrol on our way back to Pollock Halls I stopped the police and asked if we could take a photo. They were happy to partake, and Ellese and Diana even got hats for the photo.

That was a quick glimpse of Edinburgh. Being up there I regret not booking a longer stay so I could attend the Fringe, the city was buzzing with preparations and posters advertising the upcoming shows.

– Johannes

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