Last Wednesday I joined up with the cast of Enron to do a photoshoot at Corpus Playroom. Enron was an energy company in the US that did some bad deals and started cooking their books to hide their failures. This escalated and in 2001 the scandal broke. Our goal for the day was to depict a culture of excessive amounts of money, and little regard for its value. So we went for money rains, tearing and burning money. It was a really fun shoot, and I wish I would have been around to see their play that is the Corpus Main Show next week.

From Camdram:

“All humanity is here. There’s Greed, there’s Fear, Joy, Faith, Hope. And the greatest of these … is Money.”
The true story of the US energy giant Enron who found themselves thirty billion dollars into debt, by selling their own debt to themselves and hoodwinking the world into thinking they were making billions of dollars of profit.
The twisted nature of the men and women at Enron is laid bare in a high energy orgy of business, finances and ultimately greed.
Tragedy and savage comedy; foul-language and sex. One of the world’s largest financial scandals is about to get entertaining.

Simon West

We tell you his story, you should know it could never be exactly what happened – but we’re going to put it together and sell it to you as the truth.

Louisa Keight – a few props always make a photoshoot more fun
Sophie Lyndon and Laura Prince
Myles O’Gorman and Dan Sanderson

Money and sex motivate people, Andy. And money is the one thing that gets their hand off their dick and into work.

The Enron Man
Claire T-S
Claire T-S

Well Enron gets virtual. We’re changing business, we’re changing people’s lives, we’re changing the world.

Louisa Keight and Laura Prince
Sophie Lyndon, Laura Prince, Claire T-S, Dan Sanderson, Louisa Keight and Uma Ramachandran

I’m not a bad man. I’m not an unusual man. I just wanted to change the world. And I think there’ll come atime when everyone understands that. They’ll realise they were banishing something of themselves along with me. I believe that.

Money rain
Laura Prince and Simon West. Fake money brings out the worst in people…
Simon West, Sophie Lyndon and Claire T-S
Claire T-S and Sophie Lyndon in a rain of money
Laura Prince making it rain!
Claire T-S and Nick Harrison tearing up money
Claire T-S with the torn up note
Simon West in darkness. To have some control over the lighting for the photos we added lights one at a time.
Laura Prince. As we were leaving Corpus Playroom we stopped just outside to take a few more photos.

Headshots of the cast and crew (click to see them larger):

Laura Prince

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Skilling – Dan Sanderson
Ken Lay – Myles O’Gorman
Andy Fastow – Matt Gurtler
Claudia Roe – Jasmin Rees
Ensemble – Uma Ramachandran, Claire T-S, Sophie Leydon, Louisa Keight, Laura Prince

Production Team
Director – Simon West, Ella Godfrey
Producer – Andrew Tan
Casting Consultant – Matt Jefford, Alasdair Glen
Stage Manager – Anna He
Cinematographer – Kieran Tam
Lighting Designer – James Wood
Set Designer – Siyang Wei
Set Assistant – Alasdair Glen
Publicity Designer – Ruby Douglass, Nick Harrison
Video Designer – Tom O Mara
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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