Eternal Love

My parents have been together for some forty years now, which is something to celebrate and they have their 40th wedding anniversary in February. It was about a year since we did our autumn photoshoot so I invited myself over for lunch at their place and brought my camera along. We do not have many hours of sun here in Stockholm during the winter, so instead of eating right away, we started with the portrait session. Here are some of my favourite photos from today.

Mum photographed in front of a window in their living room.
Dad sitting in front of his computer.
I really like mirrors.
Mum standing in the little corridor looking into their bedroom. By having light from just one direction we get a much more interesting photo.
Mum and Dad being cute.
They told me the light had been really good about an hour before I showed up, but luckily there was still enough to get some good photos.
Dad and Mum holding hands.
Mum and Dad. I’m now sitting on top of their bed, to get enough distance for the 85mm lens to include them both.
Dad and I.
Mum in her favourite reading spot.
Mum and Dad by the window.
A couple of more photos before we finally broke for lunch. Dad was getting really hungry.

Link to our previous Autumn photoshoot.

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  1. Olivia
    December 4, 2016

    These are beautiful, Johannes.

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