Silent Poetry

Daphne Chia and I did a photoshoot on the Cambridge Backs, making the most of the beautiful autumn colours. We started at King’s College and then slowly made our way past Trinity College, to end up at St John’s College. I had brought my 35mm lens with me to get more of the surroundings in the frame.


“Dancing is silent poetry.”

Simonides of Coes (Σιμωνίδης ὁ Κεῖος; c. 556 – 468 BC)


Daphne Chia with King’s College Chapel in the background.
Backlit branches with leaves look really beautiful.
We had to wait until there were no people on the road. I have removed the railings on the side and some street lamps in Photoshop that I felt were distracting from Daphne’s pose.
Daphne on the path behind King’s College.
Most of my photos I shoot with a medium aperture, but here I decided to open it up to f/1.4 to put more focus on Daphne, and blur the background a bit. It also meant I could use a really fast shutter speed. Here I used 1/1250s which freezes the jump.
Joy Taylor and Daphne Chia, with King's College in the background.
We met Joy Taylor on the path, and she was happy to participate in our little photoshoot. Joy and Daphne, with King’s College Chapel in the background.
Ruth Dobbs, Joy Taylor and Daphne Chia
Stopping for a moment outside the gates of Clare College.
Daphne has this amazing spin jump, which makes it look like she is flying.
Daphne Chia jumping
Some people walk, other people fly through life.
Flexible does not even start to describe this. Daphne is just chilling like this.
Daphne Chia at Trinity College
Outside the back gates of Trinity College with the great alley of trees in the background. Not long after a porter came marching towards us, and we decided to move on.
I wonder what the driver thought as he was mowing the lawn and drove past us.
Daphne Chia dancing at St John's College
Daphne with St John’s College in the background
One last photo of Daphne before it was time to dash on to new adventures.

Many thanks to Daphne Chia for a fun morning photoshoot. You can find more photos from our dance photoshoots here on the blog.

— Johannes

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