Expectant Dancing

Recently I was contacted by Louise Pinny who is a dancer and expecting her first baby. She had seen the Trinity photo shoot and wondered if we could do a dance photo shoot together, which sounded like a great idea, so this morning we met up. Here are some of my favourite photos from today.

We were driving in search for a particular tunnel when we stumbled upon this road lined by trees.
A little bit further down the road, and in a new dress.
We were quite quick with our dress changes. The road ended, and the gate was framed nicely by vegetation.
In the field there was a beautiful tree, which we played around with to see if we could get a nice framing. Thistles are not your friends if barefoot.
A close-up portrait. The tree provided a nice shield from the bright sky, giving us soft directional light.
Finally we found the tunnel!
The poncho provides a nice framing of Louise.
Getting a bit creative in the tunnel. I liked the alternating patterns of light and shadow in the background, so we tried to incorporate that in one photo.
These were the shots we went to the tunnel to make. Silhouette against an overexposed background.
I like how the tunnel provides a framing for her pose, also the baby-bump shows up nicely here. #pregnantdancing
I like the pose, and that you can see the shape of the belly.
One final photo before we headed back to Cambridge.

Many thanks to Louise Pinny for a great morning photo shoot!

Click here for more dance photos.

– Johannes

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