Eyes like the Sea

Mermaids do exist! In fact there is a whole community of mermaids swimming around the world. Yesterday I did a photoshoot with Elin Karlsson, who recently turned mermaid after the postal service delivered a normal looking package from the US. We headed out to Björkviks brygga since there are some beautiful cliffs by the sea there. The Swedish Summer of 2018 will be remembered for its exceptionally warm weather, which luckily for us, made the water quite warm.

Elin Karlsson. We walked away a bit from the beach at Björkviks brygga, to a slightly more secluded area. We started with a mermaid on the rocks photo, before entering the water.
Elin Karlsson showcasing her new mermaid tail.
Elin Karlsson. We had moved on to the second beach a bit further south, and found a patch near the cliffs with no people. Perfect for photos.
Elin Karlsson. We also had a net with us, so here is our version of the mermaid trapped in a net photo.
Elin Karlsson. We really liked the look and feel of the photos with the net. By shooting in shallow water and timing the breaking of the waves we made the sea come alive.
Elin Karlsson. Black and white edit to bring out the texture of the water.

All the above shots were taken with the 50 mm Nikon 1.4 lens that is usually married to my D810. Since I knew that Elin might go out further into the water I had also brought with me my vintage 135 mm f2.8 AI Nikon lens that I bought second-hand from Japan. It is a manual focus lens, which makes you slow down a bit. Despite being around 40 years old, it can still produce pretty sharp photos if you nail the focus. The remaining photos were taken with this vintage lens.

Elin Karlsson. You can not go into the water and not play with it. Mandatory hair tossing water photo.
Elin Karlsson 135mm f/2.8. We found this really beautiful spot with a small puddle of water on the rocks.
Elin Karlsson. The light was also slowly turning golden, which added to the magic.
Elin Karlsson
Elin Karlsson. Time really flies quickly, and the sun was departing our little rocky outpost. We decided to head back to the bus stop, and see if we could do some last photos there, to make sure we did not miss the next bus. The one after would be two hours later, after sunset.
Elin Karlsson. One last photo by the jetty, before packing up and heading back to Stockholm.

Many thanks to Elin for a fun mermaid photoshoot!

I have photographed with some mermaids before in England, so if you are curious to see more mermaid photos, check out the mermaid tag on the blog (which will also link to future mermaid related blog posts).

— Johannes


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