Feathers of Spring

Last week I met up with Lisa Scharp and Alma Faringer for a dance photoshoot in Näsbypark. Lisa and Alma both studies wanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Münich, and were in Stockholm for Easter. As the blog name suggested, we incorporated feathers into our pictures. We had clear skies so to still get a soft light from the window we put up two layers of semi-transparent plastic, to diffuse the light.

Lisa Scharp. Feathers are meant to be flying.
Lisa Scharp
Lisa Scharp.
Lisa Scharp. Skirt of feathers. Here Alma quickly deposited the feathers before running out of frame.
Alma Faringer and Lisa Scharp
Alma Faringer. I like these upside down poses, as it is not immediately obvious what is going on. Here we decided to include some feathers into the pose.
Alma Faringer
Alma Faringer. As the sun started to set the light turned a beautiful orange.
Alma Faringer. The diffusion plastic made a nice backdrop also.
Alma Faringer
Alma Faringer

Many thanks to Lisa and Alma for a fun evening photoshoot!

Instagram: Lisa, Alma, Johannes

— Johannes

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