Fencing in a Paddock

I visited my brother in Småland at the beginning of August. His wife Sandra was working, and the eldest daughter was away with relatives, so the original plan was that Jonathan and I would go sailing with his two younger daughters over the weekend. However, due to strong winds, and a burning need to finish the paddock for the horses, we changed the plans, and ended up spending most of the time at their house and in the forest instead. Hence the blog title, fencing in a paddock.

Sandra and Jonathan, together with their dog Olav, and the borrowed family member Ragnhild.
Middle sister is still doing gymnastics whenever she gets a chance. It must happen quite often, because Ragnhild completely ignored her and just kept walking past.
Little sister and Ragnhild.
Little sister on the swing.
Little Sister posing for the camera.
Their neighbours have a small artificial pond where they can swim. Perfect in the hot summer weather.
Jonathan and the girls.

There are not a lot of photos because I did not bring my camera when working in the forest. However, on the morning of the last day Sandra and the girls were leading the horses to the paddock, and then I brought my camera along.

Olav wondering what the commotion is all about.
Amy the Pony has a will of her own. Middle sister wanted to go on the gravel road with all the other horses, but Amy did not.
Sandra leading the troops to the paddock.
Jonathan and Ragnhild on the way to add a few more poles to the fence to prevent Amy the pony from running away (again).

The summer of 2018 has been really hot and dry, and the paddock will provide much needed grazing for the horses. Despite all the work we also had time to go to the pond twice, and then also to swim at Soludden, a retreat near a bigger lake in the area. When I headed off back up to Stockholm, Jonathan joined me on the first leg of the journey, as he was flying to Zürich for a work meeting.

— Johannes

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