Five Go Off On One!

It’s the summer hols at last! Escape the windy rain of February and join the Famous Five for seaside hijinks and simply lashings of ginger beer. When Julian, Dick and Anne join their cousin George for the summer holidays, they are sure that adventure is just around the corner. And they’re right! Something fishy is happening on Kirrin Island. Someone’s signalling from the tower, there are strange crates on the beach, and where oh where is Timmy?

Things are looking grim, but don’t worry –

Aunt Fanny’s packed a picnic.

(Text from Camdram)

“Then where can we go on holiday?” (Tim Vaughan, Sam Lamont, Molly Stacey and Robert Eyers)
“Georgina! I am shocked at your behaviour!” (Jack Bolton, Alex Harris, Millie Foy, Molly Stacey and Sam Lamont)
“Dick! Can you see the flashing?” (Alex Harris, Sam Lamont and Molly Stacey)
“We must be near the sea – I can almost smell it!” (Alex Harris, Sam Lamont, Molly Stacey and Millie Foy)
“I must say, Uncle Quentin, it’s lovely to see you again” (Jack Bolton)
“You wouldn’t know anything about a mysterious crate on the shore?” (Natalie Reeve, Jack Bolton, Alex Harris, Millie Foy, Molly Stacey and Sam Lamont)
“It always seems so important for it to be funny on the first day of a holiday” (Robert Eyers and Tim Vaughan)
“We’ve finally found our smugglers!” (Alex Harris, Sam Lamont, Molly Stacey and Millie Foy)
“We’re the Famous Five, and it’s about time we had a picnic!” (Sam Lamont, Molly Stacey, Alex Harris and Millie Foy)

“Life is the biggest adventure of all”
“No, Dick – the one with the smugglers was the biggest adventure of all”.

“Quick, lock her in the telephone box!” (Louisa Keight, Sam Lamont, Molly Stacey, Millie Foy and Alex Harris)
“Golly, she looks so foreign!” (Louisa Keight and Molly Stacey)
*gasp* “Fish pie!” (Sam Lamont and Millie Foy)

“Daddy does know a lot about gin…”

“Ah, children!” (Jack Bolton, Millie Foy and Sam Lamont)

“Coming up next, on Channel [famous] Five…” (Natalie Reeve, Natalie Reeve, Robert Eyers, Alex Harris, Molly Stacey, Tim Vaughan and Millie Foy)
We also did an outdoor photoshoot that you can find here.

If you want to see more photos from the Edinburgh Fringe, check out the tag on the blog.

Julian – Sam Lamont
George – Millie Foy
Dick – Alex Harris
Anne – Molly Stacey
Quentin – Jack Bolton
Mitzi – Louisa Keight
Further Sundry Parts – Robert Eyers
Sundry Parts – Tim Vaughan
Fanny – Natalie Reeve

Production Team
Writer – Robert Eyers
Director – Robert Eyers, Will Dalrymple
Producer – Shedload Theatre
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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