Floriana and Vasya

Yesterday Floriana and Vasya got married. I met up with them outside the Cambridge City Council on Castle Hill to take some photos. We started with a quick walk up the nearby Castle Mound, and then proceeded to Jesus Green for the main part of the photo shoot. With us were a few of their family and friends.

Just married!
My original plan was to have a bit more of the city in the background, but I ended up with a lower view to get them better separated from the ground. I have done a few jumping shots now, and it is easier if one of the jumpers does the counting. After a few tries we got this one. I like Floriana’s casual pose in the centre.
Floriana and her brother. I did some directed shots, but the best ones just happened naturally. All I had to do was to be there and capture the moments.
They had a specially decorated bike for the trip. I had to run to keep up with the bride and groom, luckily the traffic lights gave me a chance to get ahead of them and shoot this photo as they crossed the intersection.
A helping hand.


We did a group shot, where we started with the bride and groom, then added one person at a time, asking each person to come up with a funny pose. Lots of laughter. This was not the complete group shot, the woman in black had just stepped into the frame and her pose put a big grin on my face.
I like the light in this photo, it has a magical feel to it. The photo is slightly brightened to compensate for the bright sky.
A kiss under the tree. Here I was working with the silhouettes, underexposing the photo and capturing the kiss just before it happened.
Here my plan was to create a framing with the branches overhead, and the shadows below. If I would have staged this shot then I would have asked them to spread out a bit, but it was pretty good as it happened.
Floriana had mentioned that she likes the photos by Doisneau, and she wanted a shot similarly to “Baiser Blotto”. I had to google that one, but this is my take on it. I have brightened up the green colours to make them silhouetted against the background. I also added a bit of tilt-shift blur to calm down the leaves that were a bit distracting at the top.
Playing a bit with the group shot. One of the last shots in the series. Not your usual wedding photo, but we had fun.



Shooting weddings is both easy and difficult at the same time. There is a happy atmosphere, with lots of smiling and cheering people which makes it fun and easy.  What for me is a bit more tricky is to do the standard directed shots, more specifically finding good poses for the couple. I do not just want to snap the shot, I want to create something beautiful, placing them in a context. If I do this again then I might try to do a few shots with my 85 mm lens also, to get details of the dress, close ups of faces and so on. Might have to check out a few more wedding sites to get some inspiration.



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