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Last weekend Emily Slawski Samuelson and I did a morning photoshoot out in Näsbypark. April has been a bit cold, with the occasional hail storm, but when the sun is out it is quite nice and warm. So we decided to start outdoors and then move indoors for the second half of the photoshoot.

Emily on relevé at Kråkudden.
Lady of the Lake. A curious swan swam past Emily while we were photographing.

Saying the water was a bit cold is an understatement. So after the series of photos in the water we packed up and headed indoors.

Emily in the green room. The green skirt matched the walls quite nicely.
Emily, playing around with shapes.

Many thanks to Emily for a fun photoshoot! This was our second photoshoot, you can find the photos from our previous photoshoot here.

Instagram: Emily, Johannes

— Johannes

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