Frolicking on Jesus Green

I met up with Auréliane Lili Pierret, Fi Chang, Gemma Goodfellow, Harvey Klyne, Jack Neil, Kenneth Wong, Sharla Petterson and Matt Mahmoudi on Jesus Green. It was Suicide Sunday a bit after the cardboard boat race had finished on the Cam so there were not that many people on Jesus Green anymore which was good for us. Here are some of my favourite photos.

Sharla Petterson and Kenneth Wong
Sharla Petterson and Kenneth Wong
Sharla Petterson, Lili Pierret and Jack Neil
Kenneth Wong, Lili Pierret and Matt Mahmoudi
Harvey Klein, Matt Mahmoudi, Sharla Petterson, Lili Pierret, Jack Neil and Kenneth Wong
Lili Pierret, Sharla Petterson and Jeck Neil
Harvey Klein, Sharla Petterson, Jack Neil and Lili Pierret
Fi Chang, Lili Pierret and Kenneth Wong
Fi Chang, Matt Mahmoudi, Lili Pierret, Harvey Klein, Sharla Petterson, Kenneth Wong, Gemma Goodfellow and Jack Neil.
Lili Pierret, Sharla Petterson and Kenneth Wong

Thanks for a fun photoshoot!

— Johannes

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