Gary and Judy

This past week I was in Paris for the biannual FENS conference that brings together Neuroscientists from all over Europe. I managed to do one dance photoshoot before the conference began with Elisa (see separate blog post), and an afternoon after the conference I met up with Linn Hermander and her friend Kajsa Norin to wander the streets of Paris together.

Linn Hermander. We started with the Eiffel Tower in the background. One thing I had realised from the previous photoshoot was that it was important to place the photos in the context of Paris.
Linn Hermander

”Paris har sen första dagen jag satte min fot på gatorna varit en favoritstad. Arkitekturen, miljön, modet och konsten. Allt en designer kan drömma om. Planerar ständigt att återvända för att upptäcka allt vad platsen har att erbjuda. Att få tillfälle att fota och skapa konst i Paris känns helt magiskt.”

Linn Hermander
Linn Hermander. “Gary thinking about Judy…”

For those wondering about the blog post title “Gary and Judy”. While photographing by the river in front of the Eiffel Tower we saw an inscription with “Gary and Judy” from New York dated 2022. We decided to run with it, and the Gary and Judy storyline became part of the photoshoot.

Linn Hermander. The inscription on the stone is photoshopped, taken from the original place by the river.
Linn Hermander with Pont Alexander III in the background.
Linn Hermander and Kajsa Norin. Kajsa took a lot of great behind the scenes videos, and solved some fun mathematical riddles that I threw her way. Like “If a family has two children, and one of them is a boy, what is the probability that the family has two boys? Does it matter if you get told that the boy previously mentioned was born on a Tuesday?”
Linn Hermander. Twice we bumped in to couples taking bridal photos, which fit nicely with the Gary and Judy theme.
Linn Hermander by Pont Alexander III.

We then took a little break, and picked up some additional outfits, before heading to Louvre for the last part of our photoshoot.

Linn Hermander
Linn Hermander in the golden light before the sunset.
Linn Hermander
Linn Hermander and Kajsa Norin
Linn Hermander
Linn Hermander
Linn Hermander
Linn Hermander
Linn Hermander, Johannes Hjorth, Kajsa Norin. The answer to the mathematical riddle above is 1/3 and 13/27. If you read this far, and stopped to solve the riddle on the way, then good job! To solve these type of problems you list the possible outcomes. G-G is excluded, since you know one of them was a boy, that leaves B-G, G-B and B-B, hence 1/3. The other case you need to list all combinations of boy/girl with weekdays (fix Boy-Tuesday in first position and iterate the 14 possible combinations in second position, then fix Boy-Tuesday in second position and repeat, and do not double count Boy-Tuesday, Boy-Tuesday), and you get 13/27.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Linn and Kajsa for a really fun photoshoot! So great that you guys were in Paris this week also.

Instagram: Linn, Kajsa, Johannes

— Johannes

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