geminae diversae

This past Sunday Stephanie and Jennifer Wallén came out to Näsbypark for a dance photoshoot. We started outdoors among the reeds and rocks, trying out different locations and playing with reflections. It was quite chilly so after about an hour we packed up and headed indoors to photograph in the Green Room.

Stephanie Wallén among the reeds.
Stephanie Wallén
Jennifer Wallén

After having a bit to eat we started the second half of the photoshoot in the Green Room.

Stephanie Wallén
Stephanie Wallén
Jennifer Wallén
Jennifer Wallén
Jennifer Wallén with her hair tied to a thin fabric that Stephanie threw for her.
Stephanie and Jennifer
Stephanie and Jennifer with matching gemini tattooes.
Jennifer Wallén, photographed with natural light.
Jennifer Wallén. The sun was getting low, so for the last set of photos we turned on the studio light.
Stephanie Wallén and Jennifer Wallén

I participated in the Swedish Championships in photography with this photo, and it got a distinction in the digital qualifying round, and on to the print final. No medal this year, but it was fun to participate.

Many thanks to Stephanie and Jennifer for a fun photohoot!

Instagram: Stephanie, Jennifer, Johannes

— Johannes

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