Geneva Hackathon 2018

This week I am in Geneva for another Human Brain Project Hackathon. It is always fun to meet the other researchers working on this EU project. The goal for me this time is to generate a set of output files from our microcircuit builder that can be used in the general brain simulation pipeline, so that we can take advantage of the new development of the simulation platform and visualisation.

I arrived the day before the meeting, and wandered the streets of Geneva. All the museums were closed, but I managed to get up on top of Cathédrale Saint-Pierre.
Alexander Dietz
Sára Sáray and Alexander Dietz
Elisa Betta Giacalone
Carmen Lupascu, Stefano Casali and Claudia Casellato.
Stefano Casali
Elisa Marenzi, Claudia Casellato, Katrien Van Look and Martina Rizza
Jean-Denis Courcol
Claudia Casellato, Egidio D’Angelo, Stefano Casali and Elisa Marenzi
Elisa Marenzi, Egidio D’Angelo, Claudia Casellato and Stefano Casali
Martina Rizza
Martina Rizza and Claudia Casellato
Pavlo Getta and Alexander Dietz
Stefano Casali, Claudia Casellato, Elisa Marenzi and Pavlo Getta.
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