This evening the Cambridge University Ballet Club had their dress rehearsal for ‘Giselle’. Isobel Smith wrote:

Cambridge University Ballet Club is proud to present an interpretation of Giselle, possibly the most famous romantic ballet of all time. Set to Adolphe Adam’s mesmerizing score, this ballet tells the heartbreakingly beautiful story of the titular character, Giselle, a peasant girl who is driven to death by the betrayal of her lover, Albrecht. Choreographed and performed by some of Cambridge’s top dancing talent, and featuring a full cast from across the entire Ballet Club, this promises to be one of the dance highlights of the university’s calendar. Join us on 17/18 February for a tale of deceit, revenge, but most importantly, a love so strong it transcends death.

Nicholas Doddrell and Rebecca Bangfield
Olivia Ann Morris and Jack Brady
Jian Lin Wong
Charlie Schoonman and Sierra Humbert
Nicholas Doddrell and Olivia Ann Morris
Rebecca Bangfield
Charlotte Dunn
Charlotte Dunn
Charlotte Dunn
Charlotte Dunn
Isobel Smith
Charlotte Dunn
Charlie Schoonman
Juliana Reed
Caitlin Carney and Juliana Reed
Nicholas Doddrell
Rebecca Bangfield and Nicholas Doddrell
Rae Cordon, Vinciane Jones, Isobel Smith, Nicholas Doddrell and Charlotte Dunn
Nicholas Doddrell and Rebecca Bangfield
Rebecca Bangfield and Nicholas Doddrell
Nicholas Doddrell and Rebecca Bangfield
Anastasia Stulova, Charlotte Dunn, Vinciane Jones and Charlie Schoonman
Nicholas Doddrell and Rebecca Bangfield
Rebecca Bangfield and Nicholas Doddrell
Rebecca Bangfield and Nicholas Doddrell
Jack Brady, Olivia Ann Morris, Jean Monteiller, Rae Cordon, Charlie Schoonman, Vinciane Jones, Nicholas Doddrell, Sierra Humbert, Charlotte Dunn, Jian Lin Wong, Rebecca Bangfield, Isobel Smith, Juliana Reed, Natalia Hussein, Holly White, Katy Grobicki and Kathryn Fisher

For more dance photos, see the dance category on the blog.

Giselle – Rebecca Bangfield
Albercht – Nicholas Doddrell
Mythra – Charlotte Dunn
Hilarion – Jean Monteiller
Berthe – Kathryn Fisher
Bathilde – Olivia Ann Morris
Leader of the Hunt – Jack Brady
Albercht’s Squire – Rebecca Davies
Lead Willis – Isobel Smith, Vinciane Jones, Attilla Ting, Rae Cordon
Lead Peasants – Holly White, Sierra Humbert, Charlie Schoonman, Jian Lin Wong, Juliana Reed, Natalia Hussein

Production Team
Director – Joanna Ye
Co-producer – Isobel Smith, Daphne Chia
Lighting Designer – Jessica Jackson
Costumes Officer – Jessica Jackson, Olivia Ann Morris
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Set Designer – Lisa Bernhardt
Stage Mananger – Diane Winkleby
Set Builder – Daniel Christopher, Toby Molyneux, Anthony Chow, Lisa Bernhardt
Photographer – Tom Attridge, Johannes Hjorth, Jim Carrington
Choreographer – Joanna Ye, Lucy Doddrell, Nicholas Doddrell, Sierra Humbert, Daphne Chia, Frances Myatt, Charlotte Dunn, Holly White, Jian Lin Wong, Kathryn Fisher

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  1. Annik Coatalen, Dip RBS TTC, ARAD
    March 3, 2017

    Many congratulations to Joanna Ye! You are amazing to have accomplished this production. I can imagine the dedication needed to enable all the dancers to find time to rehearse together. The quality of the dancing looks excellent from the photos.
    A big BRAVO from all at Baylins Ballet Barn!

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