Gods of Carnage

It has been a while since I last did some theatre photography, but now I am back in Cambridge for a week. This afternoon I met up with the cast of Gods of Carnage, which plays in Corpus Playroom 10-14 May. Jonathan Ben-Shaul had suggested the Chalk Mines at Cherry-Hinton, so Zephyr Brüggen sourced us a taxi and we headed over there. With us were also Evie Butcher, Isla Iago and Miguel Borges.

Miguel Borges and Evie Butcher on the lookout for the legendary chalk mines.


Lost in the wilderness, with no reception on the mobile. Or is Miguel just taking a selfie?


Isla Iago in front of the entrance to the chalk mine.
Jonathan Ben-Shaul, Evie Butcher, Miguel Borges and Isla Iago.
Zephyr Brüggen bringing props for the photo shoot.
Miguel asserting dominance in front of Evie. This is shot at 1/400s and still you can see motion blur on the stick. Miguel was not kidding around.

When you’re brought up with a kind of John Wayne-ish idea of virility, you don’t want to settle this kind of problem with a lot of yakking.


Some people like to have their photos taken more than others. We made sure the stick was not too long before doing this shot at full swing.

I am not a member of polite society. What I am and always have been is a fucking Neanderthal.


Husband and Wife. Jonathan and Isla.
Jonathan and Isla
Miguel and Evie. Caveman style.

Fortunately, there is still such a thing as the art of co-existence, isn’t there?


Time to bring out the talcum powder.
Jonathan and Isla, post face slap.
Jonathan got to play a bit with the talcum powder.

What I always say is, we’re a lump of potter’s clay and it’s up to us to fashion something out of it. Perhaps it won’t take shape till the very end.


This is what it looks like when you use too much talcum powder for a photo.

Were you hoping for a glimpse of universal harmony?


You should go and check out the play, the cast has got great chemistry.

How many parents standing up for their children become infantile themselves?


Let’s head over there.
There were lots of signs. Do not climb…
We also took a few headshots. Here Miguel Borges, playing Alan Raleigh.

A man who can’t give the impression that he’s a loner has no texture.


Evie Butcher playing Annette Raleigh.
Evie and Miguel
Jonathan Ben-Shaul playing Michael Novak.
Isla Iago playing Veronica Novak.

I’ve never been so unhappy. In fact, I think this is the unhappiest day of my life.


Zephyr Brüggen, producer of the Gods of Carnage.
Jonathan Ben-Shaul, Zephyr Brüggen, Miguel Borges, Isla Iago and Evie Butcher.
Miguel and Evie
Jonathan Ben-Shaul, Isla Iago, Evie Butcher and Miguel Borges.
Miguel Borges, Evie Butcher, Jonathan Ben-Shaul and Isla Iago.

You see, I believe in the God of Carnage. He has ruled, uninterruptedly, since the dawn of time.


Thanks to the cast for a great fun day out in the wilderness. Cambridge has so many hidden gems, if you have not been here then take an afternoon and explore the place. We just saw one of the pits, there are two more, which are filled with water.

Many thanks to the Zephyr, Evie, Isla, Jonathan and Miguel!

— Johannes


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Veronica Novak – Isla Iago
Michael Novak – Jonathan Ben-Shaul
Annette Raleigh – Evie Butcher
Alan Raleigh – Miguel Borges

Production Team
Director – Mathieu Delaveau
Musical Director – Patrick Johansson
Casting Director – Carlo Moll
Producer – Zephyr Brüggen
Assistant Producer – Jed White
Set Designer, Costume Designer, Stage Manager -Elizabeth Hunt, Anna Hackney
Assistant Director – Thierry Mousset, Zephyr Brüggen
Photography – Aika Hui
Design – Al Ro
Trailer filming and production – Jed White
Photography – Johannes Hjorth

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