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This past weekend I visited my brother Jonathan and his family in Småland. The girls have started to count down towards their summer holiday. The big sister received new drawing paper and pens, and disappeared into her room, while the middle and little sister went out to play. They have invented a game called fleas and trolls on the trampoline, where the troll (read uncle) gets a sock tucked in the back, and the fleas should grab it while avoiding the troll that gives chase. Lots of fun!

The tree ducks.
Little sister in the stable.
The light is really good close to the stable windows.
Little sister doing some static dance poses.
Sandra and Trula.
Little sister and her friend.
Little sister received a beautifully painted ballet book, which has inspired her.
Little sister.
They now have five swings hanging in the garden.
Sandra riding on Trula.
Middle sister bouncing on the trampoline. I asked her to jump so that her shadow would cover the camera.
Little sisters picking flowers.
The horses hooves picked up the sand in the riding pasture, allowing us to see the light playing through the branches.
Out for a walk with Jonathan, Olav and Skrållan.
Little sister picking flowers for mum.
Little sister and Sandra.
Sandra feeding the hens and ducks, plus Olav.
Johannes and Jonathan, photo by the niece.
Little and middle one balancing on the branches.
Building swing number four and five.
Little sister getting ready for the scout meeting.
Middle sister on the swing.
Full speed! The background were quite messy when photographing from the front, so I switched tactic and shot it from the side to get a feeling for how high up she came.
Portrait of Jonathan.

Many thanks to Jonathan, Sandra, and the three sisters.

— Johannes

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