Vida Street Pole Party

This past Sunday Vida Pole hosted the first Vida Street Pole Party in Rålambshovsparken. We have had two weeks of great weather here in Stockholm, and the winning streak continues. Pole dancers from all over Scandinavia were in Stockholm for the weekend to compete in Pole Theatre. Here is a glimpse from the Pole Party in the sun:

Julia Sjödin.
Andrea Westman
Sofia Källbom
Sandra Sundqvist and ???
Sabina Friberg and Julia Sjödin
The extended Vida gang!
Sara Hedman, Therese Larsson, Helle Carlstedt, Sara Lumholdt, Lenita Valencia López and Glara Reza
Helle, Oliver and Lenita
Sandra Omidvar and Therese Larsson
Therese Larsson
Sandra Omidvar and Lina Karlsson
Caroline Blommé and Tove Raquette
Caroline Blommé and Tove Raquette
Tove Raquette and Caroline Blommé
Sandra Omidvar, Therese Larsson and Lina Karlsson.
We are getting creative with the group photo locations.
Helle and Lenita

We headed over to the skateboard ramp to get a bit of shade and see what we could do with the concrete structures.

Elin Karlsson
Elin Karlsson
Julia Sjödin
Elin Karlsson
Elin Karlsson
Amanda Drotz and Anki Erlander
Anki Erlander and Amanda Drotz
Tora Vilda
The future champion!
Lisa Scharp and Lina Karlsson
Lisa Scharp
Elena Malioutina
Elena Malioutina
Therese Larsson
Lina Karlsson and Therese Larsson
Anna-Maija Nyman
Anna-Maija Nyman
Anna-Maija Nyman

Many thanks to Helle, Lenita and the Vida Pole crew for a fun pole party!

To see more pole dancing photos, check out the pole dancing tag on the blog.

— Johannes

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