Green to Green in Green on Green

This past Saturday started quite early. Smilla Broström met up with me at Näsaäng and from there we walked to Kråkudden for the first part of our photoshoot. The sky was blue and the water was completely calm, which made for great reflections and serene look. There were some birds making noises, and from time to time we heard some early people going for a morning swim.

Smilla Broström. This black long dress worked really well with the simple long lines.
Smilla Broström
Smilla Broström, working with symmetries and reflections.
Smilla Broström in the reeds.

For the second half we headed indoors to look through the first set of photos, and to have a bit to eat, before continuing in the Green Room. The blog post name “Green to Green” is a reference to the military and “all lights ok” since Smilla did the military service last year.

Smilla Broström. Green on Green. Smilla had brought this green outfit, which nicely matched the green walls. Then in the editing I made the picture black and white, because it looked cooler. Sorry Smilla. 🙂
Smilla Broström
Smilla Broström, never far from a great laugh.
Smilla Broström

Smilla’s Grand Mother had knitted this white top, which we ended up featuring in a lot of photos, some more creative and crazy than others.

Smilla Broström. Love the long sleeves.
Smilla Broström. This photo, and the one above with the long sleeves might be my two favourite photos from this photoshoot.
Smilla Broström
Smilla Broström in her Grandads’ jeans jacket.
Johannes and Smilla, done sorting the photos!

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Smilla for a really fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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