Hamlet photoshoot

On the morning of my last day in Edinburgh, just hours before the flight, I met up with the cast of Hamlet for one last photoshoot. We went up to the National Monument on Carlton Hill. It was a beautiful sunny day. Here are some of the photos from this morning.

Hettie Blohm sitting on the National Monument of Scotland in Edinburgh.
Hettie Blohm
Seth in a suit in front of a stone pillar.

In this next photo I wanted to create a bit of depth, so asked Xelia to stand between the columns in the background. Her red dress made her stand out against the blue-grey background.

Hettie Blohm and Seth at the National Monument of Scotland.
Hettie Blohm, Seth and Xelia Mendes-Jones
Xelia Mendes-Jones and Seth playing the King and Queen.
Xelia Mendes-Jones, Seth and Julia Xavier Stier
Julia Xavier Stier playing a bodyguard.
Julia Xavier Stier

Not sure who it was that found the handprints on the column, but they provided a nice framing for the human skull.

Two painted handprints and a human skull with sunglasses. Art.
Some poor soul
Matt playing with a human skull.
Matt Gurtler and Alex Strouts. Here again we were working with depth in the photo.
Silhouette photo of Seth and Xelia Mendes-Jones at the National Monument of Scotland.
Seth and Xelia Mendes-Jones. For this photo we wanted to create some silhouettes. I asked them to pose with their arms slightly away from the bodies in order to get a better silhouette.
A partial cast photo.
Matt Gurtler, Julia Xavier Stier, Hettie Blohm, Xelia Mendes-Jones, Seth and Alex Strouts

Here you can find more photos from the Edinburgh Fringe. If you want to see what Hamlet and Ophelia look like, then check our previous photoshoot “Ophelia” back in Cambridge where Ophelia went for a swim with the local swans.

Hamlet – Joe Sefton
Ophelia – Laura Pujos
Gertrude – Xelia Mendes-Jones
Polonius – Hettie Blohm
Laertes – Tom Taplin
Claudius – Seth
Horatio – Alex Strouts
Gravedigger / Ensemble – Matt Gurtler
Marcellus / Ensemble – Julia Xavier Stier

Production Team
Director – Gaia Fay Lambert, Myles O’Gorman
Producer – Sam Nicholls
Assistant Producer/Stage Manager – Anna Jennings
Publicity Designer – Oscar Yang
Technical Designer – Claire Sosienski Smith
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Fight Choreographer – Jess Slim
Technical Designer – Stephanie Friend

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