Happy Days

This evening I met up with the Happy Days cast and crew an hour before their premier. We did a few photos in the dressing room, then after Othello had finished they quickly got their set ready so we could take some photos before the play started.

This is a happy day. Regardless of certain extraneous factors, today will be a happy day – at least that’s what Winnie wants. Buried up to her waist in the ground and with laconic and difficult husband Willie to deal with, Winnie just wants to have a happy day between the waking bell and the sleeping bell. Armed with her life in a bag and a head full of thoughts and memories and questions about cricked necks and hogs, join Winnie for two days in her search for Happy Days.

Getting warming up for the play. Julia Kass chewing, directed by Lewis Scott.
Julia Kass as Winnie
Sam Payne had designed the lights so that they slowly changed colours during the duration of the day depicted in the play.
Julia has an hour-long monologue.
I asked what else Julia had in her bag, and she mentioned a mirror. So had to incorporate that in the photo.
Adding a gun to the mix.
Happy pills in liquid form.
Almost out of time, the house is about to open. The hat appeared to be partly see-through so I asked Sam to turn on some strong spotlights, and Julia to pose in profile.
Discretely snapping a couple of photos during the play.
Elliot makes an appearance for the first time at the end of the play. Here I was playing a bit in Photoshop and ended up posterising the photo.

Reviews: Varsity (4/5), The Cambridge Student (7/10)

Winnie – Julia Kass
Willie – Elliott Wright

Production Team
Director – Lewis Scott
Publicity Designer – Alice Walker
Producer – Sebastian Constantine
Assistant Director – Rute Costa
Production Designer – Emily Larcombe
Lighting Designer – Sam Payne
Stage Manager – Eleanor Mitchell
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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