HBP Marseille Summit

This past week Marseille hosted the final Human Brain Project Summit. The project has been running for almost ten years now. I flew down on Monday, and left a cold winter landscape in Stockholm for a warmer France. All the pictures were taken with my iPhone 13 mini.

Näsbypark on the morning of the departure.
As there were no direct flights from Stockholm to Marseille I had a layover in Paris. Unfortunately my second flight was cancelled, so had a 6 hour layover at the airport and spent some time editing old photos.
Finally time to fly again.
Sebastian Spreizer
This photo is more for me to remember the cool idea that they had. By using EEG they could detect the intention of stroke patients, and then they could induce that motion of the hand using the mechanical gripper. This helped stroke patients to faster recover their movement of the hand.
Jan had some great illustrations.
The light at the entrance to the underground area was pretty good.
Yepp, that is me.
My poster. We are working on creating a striatal model of Parkinson’s disease.
Marseille, on the way to dinner.
They had a nice little harbour.
This art installation was really cool,
Random scooter. It was something about the place that I liked.
They had som beautiful art at the restaurant Entre Terre & Mer.
Federica Milinanni and Matthew Gold.
Olivia Eriksson and I
Conference reception at Palais de la Bourse
Olivia Eriksson
Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski and Michelangelo’s “The creation of Adam”.
The SWEBAGS seminar series coincided with our flight, and I watched it at the airport.
We missed our connecting flight in Paris, so had to wait for the next flight.

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