Hetkellinen kotiinpaluu

Heidi Salminen was back in Stockholm for a short visit, and we took the opportunity to do an afternoon photoshoot on Skeppsholmen. It was almost a year and half since our last photoshoot, so it was great to catch up and also see how we have both continued to develop our respective artistic expressions.

Heidi Salminen with Gamla stan in the background.
Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen walking on Gamla stan.

Hejsan! Jag heter Heidi och jag är en finsk 21-årig dansare. Just nu jobbar jag i Helsingfors på Finnish National Ballet. Innan dessa så jobbade och pluggade jag här i Stockholm, på Kungliga Operan och Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan! Stockholm kommer alltid vara ett speciell ställe för mig och mitt hjärta gläds alltid här 🙂

Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen, casual stroll by the water.
Heidi Salminen with Katarina kyrka in the background.
Heidi Salminen floating over Gamla stan.
Heidi Salminen. We did another improvisation session on Kastellholmen.
Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen

There is this brick installation on Skeppsholmen that is either an art project, or has some old purpose that is unknown to us. It does however provide an interesting backdrop.

Heidi Salminen

For the last part we returned to this 13 meter high temporary art installation by Aei Weiwei just outside Nationalmuseum. There was a constant stream of tourists passing by, but we managed to get a few photos.

Heidi Salminen
Heidi Salminen experimenting with the reflections
Heidi Salminen
Johannes and Heidi

Many thanks to Heidi for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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