Hot and Cold

This past Friday Wilma Ring came and visited Näsbypark for an evening photoshoot. We had planned to start during the afternoon, but the make-up and hair preparations took a bit more time than anticipated. We only had about an hour before sunset, I met her at the train station and we walked down to the water. The sun had already disappeared below the tree line, which meant we missed the orange sunset colours, but got the beautiful soft light that comes just after.

Wilma in a red leotard/swimsuit that used to be her grandmother’s.
Wilma, Makeup by Ebba Falgen at Makeup Store.
Wilma. Looking out over the horizon. I wish there had been a boat or something out there in the background.
Wilma. It had been a fairly warm day before the sun set, but now it was quickly getting colder. So the blue coat was a welcome addition.
Wilma in a pair of blue overalls.
Wilma had borrowed a cool plastic umbrella from the makeup store.

Many thanks to Wilma for a fun evening photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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