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We did a collaborative photoshoot with Vida Pole and I am Pole. In front of the camera were Helle Carlstedt, Sandra Omidvar, Lina Karlsson, Filippa K, Sofia Källbom and Julia Sjödin. With us was also David Hultgren from I am Pole. For most of the time in the studio we shot video, playing with the slow-motion function of the camera. We only had a couple of hours, since there were some pole dancing classes before and after our session. We were not ready to quit, so we ended up in the snow outside. Here is a glimpse from our day.

Sandra Omidvar, Sofia Källbom, Lina Karlsson, Julia Sjödin and Filippa K. Helle is standing to the right of me snapping pictures, and I snuck a photo in.
Helle Carlstedt showing the photos for Sandra Omidvar and Lina Karlsson.
Sandra Omidvar and Lina Karlsson.
Filippa K and Julia Sjödin.
Helle Carlstedt.
Helle Carlstedt.
Group photo with the gang. Julia Sjödin, Sandra Omidvar, Lina Karlsson, Johannes Hjorth, Helle Carlstedt, Sofia Källbom, Filippa K and David Hultgren.

We had to vacate the studio because the next class was about to start, so we headed out into the snowy Stockholm to do a few more photos with Karlborg’s Castle in the background.

Just as Helle Carlstedt stepped on to the snow the sun peeked out through the clouds.
Helle Carlstedt. The light snowfall adds a lot of atmosphere.
Julia Sjödin.
Sandra Omidvar hanging on for dear life.
It is not only the girls that have fun in the snow. Here David Hultgren.
Sofia Källbom, Helle Carlstedt and Julia Sjödin.
Sofia Källbom.
Portrait of Lina Karlsson.
Lina Karlsson, Sandra Omidvar, Johannes Hjorth, Julia Sjödin and Sofia Källbom.
Sofia Källbom, Julia Sjödin, Sandra Omidvar and Lina Karlsson. One last photo before it was time to call it a day.

We also made a video:

A big thank you to Vida Pole and I am Pole!

For more photos, see the pole dancing tag on the blog.

— Johannes

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