I ruskevær

This past Sunday I met up with Johanne Lyshagen, Marthe Sverd Dragsund and Dina Skjelstad Hippe for an afternoon dance photoshoot in Näsbypark. The last few days it has snowed around 20-30 cm, but the temperature is around zero. We had originally planned to photograph indoors, but when you have an opportunity like this to photograph in fresh snow you take it. So we did the first part of the photoshoot outdoors, then continued indoors after the sun had set (which happens already at around 15:00 here in Stockholm at this time of year).

Marthe Sverd Dragsund at Näsaäng.
Johanne Lyshagen i ruskevær.
Dina Skjelstad Hippe. It was quite windy so we only had a few minutes to get our shots.
Behind the scenes. Lots of layers to make sure they keep warm in between photos.
Johanne and Marthe in the reeds.

As the sun set and the light disappeared it was time to head indoors. We decided to use the kitchen and played around with different lights.

Dina Skjelstad Hippe
Marthe and Dina
Johanne Lyshagen
Marthe Sverd Dragsund
Dina Skjelstad Hippe
Johanne, Dina and Marthe
Johanne, Marthe and Dina at the top with the orchids.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Johanne, Marthe and Dina for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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