I woke up like this

Stefanie Mavrakou literally woke up looking like this. She was at a Robinson May Ball the evening before, and just took a quick nap before meeting up just before lunch for a photoshoot on the Cam. We were joined by Lucy McMahon who managed to fit us in between two of her morning Yoga teaching sessions. We acquired a punt from King’s College and headed south towards the area around Darwin College.

For all my photos this Cambridge trip I used a 50 mm prime lens. Here I was shooting most photos wide open at f/1.4 to create a blurry background to make the dancers stand out better. The harsh sunlight meant I was shooting at around 1/4000s and ISO 64.

Lucy McMahon’s punting is on point
Stefanie Mavrakou testing to see how stable a punt is — the answer is not very .
As more and more people showed up on the Cam we decided to head into one of the trees to get a cleaner background, also the backlit leaves make for a beautiful framing. It also gave Stefanie something to hold on to.
Stefanie Mavrakou
Lucy had not had a chance to take a shower before our photo shoot. Luckily there was a way to remedy that.
Lucy McMahon. Like a dolphin in the water.
Stefanie Mavrakou noticed the swans and we quickly tried to get a few shots with them in the background.
Our punt had Stefanie as our galleon figure.
This photo of Stefanie has some serious photoshopping. There were so many distracting punts in the water around us that I decided to remove.
Lucy had to leave, but Stefanie and I were able to hold on to the punt for a bit longer. Here she has switched back into her May Ball dress from the night before.
Stefanie Mavrakou
Stefanie Mavrakou.
Stefanie Mavrakou. When you have mastered balancing on a punt, the next obvious challenge is to start introducing a jump.

My next photoshoot was with some people from Pink Week. Nikhil Banerjee had showed up early, and helped us punting for a bit, allowing us to photograph at a few new spots.

Stefanie Mavrakou
Stefanie Mavrakou under the Claire College Bridge.
Stefanie Mavrakou
Stefanie playing with the water in the shade under Clare College’s bridge,
Stefanie Mavrakou
Stefanie Mavrakou

A big thank you to Stefanie Mavrakou and Lucy McMahon for a fun photoshoot on the river Cam. Also thanks to Nikhil Banerjee for helping us.

To see more dance photos with Stefanie and Lucy, click on their respective names. Or click here for a random dance blog post.

— Johannes

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