Winter has not quite released its grip over Stockholm. Last weekend Emma and I met up for a photoshoot, our original plan had been to photograph by a lake out in Täby, but it was quite cold and far away, so we decided to opt for a closer location in Näsbypark.

When we arrived the path was frozen and easy to travers, an hour later when we were returning the sun’s ray had thawed the ice and turned the path into a big puddle.
This set of photos were shot with the 40 year old 135mm f/2.8 lens.
Brunnsviken was frozen, so I had thought that the entire body of water would be frozen here also. Instead we had to make do with the little bits of ice we could find.
Emma taking in the warming rays of sun light.
We also did a series of portraits.
Like everyone else renovating the home I have taken a lot of mobile phone pictures and videos to document the progress. But I have also captured the renovation progress with my portraits and dance photos. In the background “Tant Annas Grön”, freshly painted on the walls.
As you can see the floor is not done yet. It was left like this purely for artistic purposes… 😉

Many thanks to Emma for a fun photoshoot.

— Johannes

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