In the Fading Light

The original Panto photoshoot got moved, which meant I had a free afternoon on November 28th, so instead I teamed up with Helena Blair to do a few photos as the sun was sinking below the horizon. I like these spontaneous photoshoots. We first did some photos in the living room with natural light, then fetched a portable builder’s light and a hair dryer to create some more images.

Natural light portrait of Helena Blair.
Just hours before the construction workers had raised the scaffolding on the house opposite.
When the light was too dark we instead switched on a builder’s light and used that as our only light source. Here Helena is perched on a desk in the corner of a room reading Alice in Wonderland, or Through the Looking Glass.
Here I have experimented with the colours of the photo, giving it a greener tone.
Hairdryers are fun and can breathe drama and life into a photo
One more hairdryer portrait, slightly closer
You can get a completely different atmosphere by just altering the light slightly.


Many thanks to Helena for joining me at such short notice. It was great fun, and I like how you with small means can create nice images.

— Johannes

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