January morning walk

Last week I was up early one morning wandering the streets of Cambridge. The weather report from the morning before had said there would be a touch of frost and snow, so I wanted to capture it. On my way out I messaged two of my friends, but neither of them could make it. For one it was too early, for the other it was too late, she had already done her morning run. Here I thought I was the early one.

A guy was throwing bread to the swans, so they came swimming over giving me this photo opportunity. Bringing bread on a morning shoot if you want to catch some birds might be a good idea, have to remember that.
The other direction was just as beautiful.
I wandered around a bit in the city, and took this photo outside the Corpus Playroom.
One final shot from the morning. Reflections in windows are fun, because they give your photos so many layers. This is something I should experiment more with.

I am keeping an eye on the weather reports, hopefully there will be a few more frosty mornings here in Cambridge.

– Johannes


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