Kiss Me, Kate

I had the opportunity to see part of the Kiss Me, Kate dress rehearsal tonight. The musical is directed by Madeleine Heyes, and opens at the West Road Concert Hall tomorrow. Here are some preview photos.

Holly Musgrave
Holly Musgrave and James Ireland
Holly Musgrave and James Ireland
James Ireland and Holly Musgrave
James Ireland, Holly Musgrave, Stephen McCarthy and Jamie Ranson
Abigail Adams, Joe Dutton, Hao Feng and Jenny Ashworth
Holly Musgrave and James Ireland
Scott Limbrick, James Ireland, Jamie Ranson and Stephen McCarthy
Scott Limbrick and Paige Thompson
Scott Limbrick and James Ireland
Holly Musgrave, Stephen McCarthy and Jamie Ranson
Jamie Ranson and Stephen McCarthy
Abigail Adams, Amalie Fisher, Emily Russell, Jenny Ashworth, Paige Thompson and Holly Musgrave
Holly Musgrave, James Ireland, Stephen McCarthy and Jamie Ranson

You can find the tickets to the musical on the ADC webpage!

– Johannes

Reviews: Varsity (3/5)

Fred Graham – James Ireland
Lilli Vanessi – Holly Musgrave
Hattie – Jenny Ashworth
Hortensio – David Booer
Gangster – Stephen McCarthy
Ensemble – Emily Baycroft
Lois – Paige Thompson
Ensemble – Amalie Fisher, Abigail Adams, Emily Russell
Bill – Connor Mui
Gangster – Jamie Ranson
Gremio – Joseph Dutton
General – Scott Limbrick
Paul / Baptista – Hao Feng

Violin – Kirsty Lee
Viola – Richard Mifsud
Cello – Becky Whiteman
Reed – Sarah Driver, Lucy Oswald
Violin – Simon Nathan
Reed – Becky Sturge, Will Reis
Horn – Alice Greenwood
Trumpet – Isaac Dunn
Percussion – Saffron Usher
Keyboard – Anna Ellis-Rees

Production Team
Director – Madeleine Heyes
Co-Producer – Hannah Edwards, Bethany Craik
Musical Director – David Rice
Production Manager – Oliver Duff
Technical Director – Sheanna Patel
Lighting Designer – Jon French
Chief Electrician – David Wood
Stage Manager – Lewis Scott
Deputy Stage Manager – Sam Payne
Assistant Stage Manager – Cat Watts
Publicity Designer – Rob Eager
Master Carpenter – James Murdey
Production LX – Wai-Wai Ng
Assistant Director – Maddy Galbraith
Set Designer – Philipp Heckmann-Umhau
Choreographer – Sam Rayner
Assistant Musical Director – Oliver Vibrans
Assistant Stage Manager – Ronit Wineman
Programme Designer – Craig Slade
Assistant Producer – Evangeline Tsui, Genevieve Cox
Production LX – Benjamin Gill
Costume Designer – Sophie Birkin, Jessie Mathewson
Assistant Producer – James Daly, Abigail Smith, Tilly Scullion
Dress Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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