Kometen Balettakademien

This past weekend the third year students performed their musical Kometen at Balettakademien.

Elise Rosnes
Johanna Ekström and Sara Liderfors
Johanna Ekström
Annie Dahlin, Hanna Becker, My Sunden, Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir
Celina Moen, Isak Källman, Annie Dahlin
Sara Cordes and Elise Rosnes
Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir, Hanna Becker, Isak Källman, Elise Rosnes, Sara Cordes, Paula Garcia, Sigrid Welde
Julia Kristoffersson, Annie Dahlin, Sara Liderfors, Celina Moen, Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir, Isak Källman, Elise Rosnes, Sara Cordes, Sigrid Welde
Julia Kristoffersson, Hanna Becker, Sigrid Welde, Sara Liderfors, Alice Berg Jansson, Annie Dahlin, Celina Moen, Lotta Ashmyr, Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir, Paula Garcia, Elise Rosnes, Sara Cordes, Isak Källman
Paula Garcia and Elise Rosnes
Isak Källman, Sigrid Welde and Paula Garcia
Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir
Sara Cordes, Celina Moen, Johanna Ekström, Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir, Hanna Becker
Sigrid Welde, Sara Liderfors, Sara Cordes
Julia Kristoffersson, Johanna Ekström, Isak Källman, Annie Dahlin, Celina Moen
Paula Garcia, Lotta Ashmyr, Sara Cordes, Sigrid Welde

Many thanks to Balettakademien and their students for a great and fun musical!

— Johannes


YDU 3 Balettakademien, Stockholm
En work in progress-musikal med utgångspunkt i Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (Dave Malloy).

Konstnärligt team:
Jessica Gustafsson, Adrienne Åbjörn, Oscar Collin

Lotta Asmyhr
Hanna Becker
Alice Jansson Berg 
Sara Cordes
Annie Dahlin
Johanna Ekström
Celina Fløisand Moen
Paula Garcia
Julia Kristofferson
Isak Källman
Sara Liderfors
Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir
Elise Rosnes
My Sundén
Sigrid Welde
Julia Kristiansen
Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren
Matilda Caspersson

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