Kronet med blomster

This past Sunday Amanda Prevorsek and Kamilla Bakubyllaeva Nervik came out to Näsbypark for a photoshoot. Before lunch we had great weather in Näsbypark, but by the time Amanda and Kamilla showed up the rain was pouring down, so we decided to start our photoshoot indoors.

Amanda Prevorsek
“Ketchup og senap”

It was around this time that the lightning hit our building, knocking out the internet and the door system in the building. So I had to scramble to help sort those things out before we could proceed with the photoshoot. The internet repair man was there within the hour, but the other things were not fixed until the day after. Meanwhile the rain was pouring down, and the lightning kept lighting up the sky.

Kamilla and Amanda

Amanda and Kamilla brought with them three different types of flowers that we combined into one big bouquet. This next set of photos was my favourite from this photoshoot.

Amanda Prevorsek. “Kronet med blomster”
Amanda Prevorsek
Kamilla Bakubyllaeva Nervik. The old golden frame also got to make a guest appearance.
Kamilla Bakubyllaeva Nervik
Amanda Prevorsek

We also did some quick experimentation with a projector, but the lines were too big (tjukke striper), so we instead headed out and did a few photos outdoors.

Amanda Prevorsek

Many thanks to Amanda and Kamilla for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Amanda, Kamilla, Johannes

— Johannes

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