Kursk photoshoot

Last week I did a photoshoot with the cast of Kursk which will be going to Edinburgh to perform at the Fringe festival in August. Robbie had this great idea to shoot his cast under water, but after experimenting a bit with getting water up the nose we decided to shoot it with the face above the surface. We used a flash with a blue gel to light the scene. There are some funny behind the scenes photos floating around Facebook for those interested.

Here are the resulting photos.

Alexandra Wetherell – What a way to begin your birthday.

She’s capable of unleashing more destructive power than was used in the entire 2nd World War.

Aoife Kennan – She had done this before, the veteran in the cast.

She’s lost propulsion… She’s on her way down.

Bea Svistunenko – She got the honour to do it first, which meant she had to spend longer time in the water than anyone else, since we were trying to figure out how to properly light the scene.
She hit the seabed…
Marco Young – He made the mistake to stop and think about what we were actually doing. Let’s just say it looks pretty absurd with us all cramped in a small bathroom making ripples with our hands around his face and taking pictures.

The bloody Kursk the submarine for the 21st century… Lost her…


Mark Milligan – The man with the thousand faces.

Here we are… Here we go…

Robbie Taylor Hunt – “Well I wasn’t going to make you do something I wasn’t prepared to do.”


What I control…
Surface sea state…
Boat’s safe with me, Babe!


There you have it, the cast of Kursk and the director.

— Johannes


Donnie Black – Aoife Kennan
NewDadMike – Mark Milligan
Donnie Mac – Bea Svistunenko
The Boss – Alexandra Wetherell
CasanovaKen – Marco Young

Production Team
Director – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Producer – Laura Sedgwick
Designer – Natalie Price
Stage Manager – Saskia Baylis
Lighting Designer – Catja Hamilton
Master Carpenter – Toby Molyneux
Assistant Producer – Saskia Baylis
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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