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Last weekend we had some amazing weather, and the summer feeling was back for a day. Helle Carlstedt, Erika Thalinsson Ranhagen and I drove to Vaxholm to visit Kastället, and after some logistic hickups (the ferry stops in mid September) we finally managed to arrive on the small island. Helle and Erika are old Uppsala friends that have been dancing together for many years, so we wanted to have a focus on doing pictures with both of them together.

Erika Thalinsson Ranhagen
Helle Carlstedt. This is how excited Helle gets when she sees an old school sailing ship. This photo was preceded by a sprint down the pier after we suddenly noticed the old ship cruising past.
Helle Carlstedt. Yes she was standing still like this. Can you see how?

It was somewhere around here that we realised that we had only done individual photos, despite the ambition to do pas de deux. Normally I prefer to start with individual photos as it is easier, fewer variables, but we then got carried away. Time to get creative.

Helle and Erika. So it was somewhere around this time where we started to come up with a backstory to all these photos.
Erika and Helle
Helle and Erika. One fun thing when photographing is finding new locations in unexpected places. We tried several versions of this shot and by lowering myself a bit the background disappeared and we got a clean blue sky.
Helle and Erika. Crazy – a little, creative – absolutely.

Many thanks to Helle and Erika for a fun day!

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— Johannes

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