A friend of mine posted a great sunset photo shot from some cliffs by Rönningesjön on Instagram. It is not very far from where I live, so inspired by the view Tilda Kristiansson and I decided to head there for a photoshoot. We went there around lunchtime, and then slowly made our way around the lake to get some different styles of photos before ending up on the cliffs. For this shoot I was bringing only my 35mm Sigma ART lens, since it is quite heavy (about 1.5kg with the camera), and we were going to walk around quite a bit. The idea was that with the wider angle we would get more of the surroundings around Tilda in the frame.

Tilda Kristiansson at the head of the jetty.
Tilda Kristiansson. This is probably my favourite photo from the day. Shot at a low angle with an aperture of f/1.4. The large aperture and the close distance meant we got a nice out of focus background.
Tilda Kristiansson wanted to do something by the ladder, and after a few tries this was what we came up with.
We really liked the jetty, but eventually we moved on to see what other things we could find. Tilda also changed outfit for a new look. We had not walked for many minutes until we came upon another jetty with lots of small boats. Here I crouched down to get some of the reeds in the foreground.
Playing around with the water. The oarless boat actually got me thinking of the old Swedish song “Vem kan segla förutan vind” which begins with (translated) “Who can sail without wind, who can row without oars, …”. Luckily for us the boat was securely moored to the jetty.
Another of my favourite photos from the shoot. With this framing it almost looks as we are out rowing on the lake.
It is quite a walk to get to the other side of the lake. Along one side are the tracks for Roslagsbanan. They are currently doing some construction work, and at this crossing there was a fence going across the tracks behind us which made us pretty confident no trains would pass.
We finally reached the cliffs. Here Tilda is doing a yoga inspired headstand.

If you want to see more of Tilda, then have a look at our other photo shoots here on the blog, and her Instagram account.

Many thanks to Tilda for another fun photoshoot!

— Johannes

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