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This past Saturday William Jögi and Sofia Engwall went to Slakthusområdet by Globen with me for a dance photoshoot. As the name suggests this area used to be a giant slaughter house for cattle, and was one of the first buildings constructed with steel and concrete when it was inaugurated in January 1912. Stockholm City has the last few years carefully been restoring parts of the area, transforming it from an industrial usage to a residential area. We photographed in the “Förbindelsehall” which was used to transfer animals between the slaughter house and the refrigerated storage units. Since this place had so much character I decided to use a 35 mm slightly wider lens to get more of the surroundings in the pictures.

William Jögi. It was quite dark inside, so we where chasing the little bits of light that was reflected off a couple of open windows in the ceiling.
William Jögi. As the sun travelled across the morning sky the light on the ceiling moved down the walls and eventually onto the floor. This meant we had to constantly adapt to the changing light, and it made each part of the morning have a unique look and feel to it.
Sofia Engwall framed by the light patterns on the wall.
William Jögi. The time between this photo and the previous photo of William is only 10 minutes, so the light is changing quite quickly.
William Jögi. For a little while we had natural stage light on this platform.
Sofia Engwall
William Jögi
Sofia Engwall
William Jögi. The windows themselves are quite interesting, so we wanted to include them also in. a few shots which also as a bonus gave us some nice sunflares.
Sofia Engwall. From this photo you can see that one of the windows here is open, letting in a bit more light so Sofia positioned herself there to make the head the brightest part.
Sofia Engwall
William Jögi
William Jögi. We also did a few hiphop inspired photos during the session.
William Jögi
William Jögi and Sofia Engwall. I was first thinking of removing the graffiti on the metal door, but it is most likely a reference to Tengil in Bröderna Lejonhjärta by Astrid Lindgren.

Many thanks to William and Sofia for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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