Last Woman Standing

Joanna Vymeris contacted me on Thursday to ask if I was going to be at Corpus Christi May Ball, I was not, but I had no plans for that evening, so she helped me arrange so I could come and photograph the May Ball. At short notice I recruited Emily Larcombe as my assistant. However, during the evening I never saw Joanna, I bumped into people that she had been with, but somehow our paths never crossed. Luckily we were able to arrange a morning photoshoot a few hours after the May Ball had ended. Here is our “Last Woman Standing” photoshoot, featuring Joanna.

We met up at Corpus, and wandered the grounds looking for nice picture spots. Joanna was wearing a blue kimono over her white dress.
The benefit of a post-may ball photoshoot is that you have much better light than during the actual may ball. Here I photographed through some branches to get a bit of a foreground in front of Joanna.
We were not alone. There were a few people still sticking around cleaning things up. These wooden letters had been covered with ballons filled with paint, and the guests were given darts to puncture them with.
A simple walking pose.
I had Joanna walk towards me, while shooting from a low angle. The plan was just to get the shot above this one, but she looked up and laughed as she stopped in front of me.
Joanna in front of King’s College Chapel.
We walked through the Senaste House Passage, and ended up by the river Cam.
One more portrait but taken in the opposite direction.
One last photo before I needed to head off to my next photoshoot. I was really happy that we managed to squeeze in this quick session so that we got some photos of Joanna in her May Ball dress.

To see more photos with Joanna, click here.

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