Little Shop of Horrors

Today I had the chance to see a preview of next week’s musical, “Little Shop of Horrors”. Here is a sneak peek, with some photos from their rehearsal on the set of Teahouse. If you have not already booked your tickets, then do so soon, this musical is a real treat.

Down on Skid Row, where everything is drag and dreary, Seymour toils away in Mr. Mushnik’s flower shop, dreaming of one day achieving greatness, as he pines away for the sweet shop assistant, Audrey. Through mysterious circumstances, he comes upon a unique plant. Little does he know that this strange and unusual plant will develop a soulful R&B voice, a potty mouth, and an unquenchable thirst for human blood- all the while giving him all he’s dreamed of: a chance at fame and fortune, and a plan to win the heart of Audrey. To what lengths will Seymour go to satisfy his own thirst for success, and the plant’s thirst for blood?

(Text from Camdram)

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Preview: TCS

Reviews: Varsity (4.5/5), Tab (5/5)

Seymour – Adam Mirsky
Audrey – Olivia Gaunt
Orin – Ben Cisneros
Mushnik – Stanley Thomas
Audrey Two – Megan Gilbert
Ensemble – Robin Franklin
Ronnette – Holly Musgrave
Crystal – Clara van Wel
Chiffon – Sophie Foote
Ensemble – Molly-May O. K., Ruari Paterson-Achenbach,Lucia Azzi

Keys 1/Conductor – Joe Beighton
Keys 2 – Harry Castle
Drums – Zak Ghazi-Torbati
Bass Guitar – Ryden Stackhouse
Guitar – Ed Bray
Percussion – Elspeth Collard
Reed – Lucy Dickson, Oliver Bardsley, Roddy MacSween
Trumpet – Nick Smith, Will RT

Production Team
Director – Rebecca Vaa
Producer – Oscar Yang
Musical Director – Joe Beighton
Assistant Musical Director – Harry Castle
Assistant Director – Ellie Coote, Ed Limb
Associate Director – Gaia Fay Lambert
Technical Director – Theo Heymann
Deputy Stage Manager – Katherine Ridley
Chief Electrician – Ruth Harvey
Stage Manager – Elizabeth Lloyd
Head of Props – Rose Payne
Publicity Designer – Chloe Carroll
Puppet Mistress – Rosanna Suppa
Lighting Designer – James Ireland
Set Designer – James Ireland, Theo Heymann
Sound Designer – Alan Egan
Headshot Photographer – Rob Eager
Costume Designer – Flora Chatt
Assistant Choreographer – Toby Marlow
Assistant Stage Manager – Sophie Bell
Production Sound Engineer – David Turner
Production Electrician – William Eustace, Tom O’Neill
Assistant Producer – Alex Barnett,Joyce Lee
Assistant Stage Manager – Nancy Bird, Ruth Lornie, Victoria Zanotto
Set Builder – Ruth Lornie, Anthony Chow, Izzie Hill, Kate Blackshaw
Programme Designer – Oscar Yang
Puppet Builder – Anna Mercier
Puppet Operator – Will Bishop,Ashleigh Weir, Louisa Keight, Elise Hagan
Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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