It is 2057 and the world’s population has reached 10 billion. To prevent unsanctioned births, British law states that no male and female can be allowed to be alone together in a private place. 

In an abandoned house, on the edge of town, Thomas and Isla break away from the rest of the party…

(Text from Camdram)

‘Loud’ is a play by Colby Quinn adapted by Anastasia Bruce-Jones and starring Toby W and Beth H. I met up with the cast in the Judith E Wilson drama studio under the English faculty for a photoshoot. Gaia Lambert had procured us some UV paint and a big UV-lamp. It is always a lot of fun to play with good props. Body paint can be quite messy, but you often get great results.

Toby W and Beth H
The paint dried quite quickly, and formed a crust that when rubbed together would disintegrate.
Toby W and Beth H
We started with just a bit of paint on the hands, but that quickly spread as they acted out a couple of intimate scenes from the play.
Toby W screaming silently
Beth H and Toby W
These images are almost like a Rorschach test.

Toby had to leave to go to a garden party, but Beth could stay a bit longer so we did a few more photos, and after a while Anastasia also started painting herself and joined in front of the camera.

Beth H beckoning for quiet
Beth H
Beth H
Beth H applying paint to her eyelids.
Beth H in fetus position.
Beth H and Anastasia Bruce-Jones
Beth H
Beth H with the head of Anastaisa Bruce-Jones

To see more photos related to the Edinburgh Fringe, click here.

Thomas – Toby W
Isla – Beth H

Production Team
Director / Writer – Anastasia Bruce-Jones
Co-Producer – Gaia Fay Lambert, Thomas Warwick
Techie – Laura Wells
Associate Director – Laura Pujos
Publicity Designer – Lewis Scott
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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