It is 2057 and the world’s population has reached 10 billion. To prevent unsanctioned births, British law states that no male and female can be allowed to be alone together in a private place. 

In an abandoned house, on the edge of town, Thomas and Isla break away from the rest of the party…

(Text from Camdram)

‘Loud’ is a play by Colby Quinn adapted by Anastasia Bruce-Jones and starring Toby Waterworth and Beth Hindhaugh. I met up with the cast in the Judith E Wilson drama studio under the English faculty for a photoshoot. Gaia Lambert had procured us some UV paint and a big UV-lamp. It is always a lot of fun to play with good props. Body paint can be quite messy, but you often get great results.

Toby Waterworth and Beth Hindhaugh
The paint dried quite quickly, and formed a crust that when rubbed together would disintegrate.
Toby Waterworth and Beth Hindhaugh
We started with just a bit of paint on the hands, but that quickly spread as they acted out a couple of intimate scenes from the play.
Toby Waterworth screaming silently
Beth Hindhaugh and Toby Waterworth
These images are almost like a Rorschach test.

Toby had to leave to go to a garden party, but Beth could stay a bit longer so we did a few more photos, and after a while Anastasia also started painting herself and joined in front of the camera.

Beth Hindhaugh beckoning for quiet
Beth Hindhaugh
Beth Hindhaugh
Beth Hindhaugh applying paint to her eyelids.
Beth Hindhaugh in fetus position.
Beth Hindhaugh and Anastasia Bruce-Jones
Beth Hindhaugh
Beth Hindhaugh with the head of Anastaisa Bruce-Jones

To see more photos related to the Edinburgh Fringe, click here.

Thomas – Toby Waterworth
Isla – Beth Hindhaugh

Production Team
Director / Writer – Anastasia Bruce-Jones
Co-Producer – Gaia Fay Lambert, Thomas Warwick
Techie – Laura Wells
Associate Director – Laura Pujos
Publicity Designer – Lewis Scott
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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