Love and Money

This past Monday evening I photographed Love and Money, directed by Wendy (Min Ji Choi). There were some initial delays before the rehearsal got started, but it gave me a chance to take some photos that I might not have been able to get otherwise. I am starting to really enjoy the intimacy that smaller theatre stages offer. In several cases I have been able to move around freely on stage during either the entire rehearsal or parts of it. This gives the photos a unique sense of presence.

It is getting late here, so I am going to leave you with the photos. Enjoy!

Ryan Monk sitting on a chair facing the camera
The stage was mirrored, and when things were going on in one half, the other half was in darkness, however things were still happening there. Here I was initially photographing the action between the parents in the background, but then saw Ryan Monk sitting still with a bit of light on him and quickly moved across the stage to shoot from the other side.
Ryan Monk on his knees in front of Beth D
Since I was able to move around on stage during the dress rehearsal it meant I could frame my photos the way I wanted and with the light in a good way. Here I had just moved a chair out of the way to the left, because it was covering a bit of the scene.  I am impressed by the actors’ ability to not be (noticeably) distracted by me when on stage.
Ryan Monk covering his eyes with his hands, Beth D in the background looking down
I liked the shadow across Ryan’s shirt that led the gaze to Beth. However, there were many distractions in the background that had to be removed. The shadow in the top left corner originally belonged to a wall mounted lamp. I removed the lamp, and extended the shadow. The door behind Beth was removed, as well as the chairs behind Ryan. I lightened the hands to put more emphasise on them. The upper right corner looked very empty, so as a finishing touch I added a brushed texture. Thanks to Nina and Wendy for creative feedback.
Beth D on the bed, Ryan Monk sitting on a chair next to the bed looking at her
Beth D and Ryan Monk

Finally an image of the crew. You can click on this image, or the others, to see a larger version of the photo:

Cast and Crew of Love and Money
Louis Rogers, Beth D, Gus Mitchell, Ryan Monk, Min Ji Choi, Eli Keren and Rhiannon Shaw

The show runs November 25-29 (2014), in Pembroke New Cellars.Check it out!
The Varsity review gave it 4/5 and The Tab (3/5).

– Johannes

Jess – Beth D
David – Ryan Monk
Mother, 2 – Rhiannon Shaw
Father, 3, Doctor – Gus Mitchell
Val, 4, Debbie – Avigail Tlalim
Paul, 1, Duncan – Louis Rogers

Production Team
Producer – Emily Larcombe
Director – Min Ji Choi
Publicity Designer – Rob Eager
Assistant Director – Eli Keren
Stage Manager – Brónagh Grace
Sound Designer – Sheralyn Loh
Set Designer – Natanya Mark
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Executive Producer – Eli Keren
Master Carpenter – Sam Draper

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