M Butterfly

M Butterfly plays at Corpus Playroom end of November. I met up with the cast to do a photoshoot in the old Chaplain’s office, which has since been converted into student accommodations. A big thank you to Andrew Tan for letting us use his room which has a great view of the Bridge of Sighs.

“Are you my Butterfly?” Rene Gallimard’s dream is to love and be loved by The Perfect Woman, but he expects little after a lifetime of rejection. So when he is sent on a diplomatic mission to China only to be entranced by actress Song Liling’s alluring performance in Madame Butterfly, he assumes that his advances will be rejected once more. To his great surprise, however, Song suggests that the feelings might be mutual. Blinded by joy, Gallimard catapults into a torrid love affair without hesitating to consider that things may be too good to be true. Unwilling to accept anything but his dream woman, however, Gallimard ignores the widening cracks in order to preserve the illusion that he has yearned for all his life. A play about deception, stereotypes, and the power of blind belief, 1988 Tony Award winner M. Butterfly observes the collision between expectation and reality and the wreckage left behind.

(Text from Camdram)

We made good use of the windows and the beautiful wooden panels in the room.

Cara Fung in uniform.
Dan Blick and Cara Fung.
Jessica Murdoch and Dan Blick
Jessica Murdoch and Dan Blick
Jessica Murdoch and Dan Blick
Jessica Murdoch and Dan Blick
Cara Fung and Jiwoo Yoo.
Cara Fung and Jiwoo Yoo.
Jessica Murdoch, Jiwoo Yoo and Dan Blick.
The view from Andrew’s room.
Jessica Murdoch, Jiwoo Yoo and Dan Blick.
Jiwoo Yoo

I could not resist including some behind the scenes photos and portraits.

Cara Fung, Claire T-S and Jiwoo Yoo behind the scenes.
It is important to hold the wine glass properly, Emily and Andrew instructs Jiwoo in the finer details.
Jiwoo Yoo
Dan Blick
Jessica Murdoch
Emily Larcombe
Claire T-S
Claire T-S and Emily Larcombe
Johannes Hjorth. Foto by Emily.
Andrew Tan.
Andrew Tan and Emily Larcombe

Keep an eye out for this play at Corpus Playroom 22-26 November 2016. Many thanks to Emily, Andrew, Claire, Jiwoo, Jessica, Dan and Cara for a fun photoshoot!

Preview: Varsity

Reviews: Tab (4/5), TCS (8/10), Varsity (4.5/5)

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— Johannes

Song Liling – Jiwoo Yoo
Rene Gallimard – Dan Blick
Chin – Cara Fung
Helga – Jessica Murdoch
Marc – James Coe
Renee – Becky Shepherdson
Toulon – Harry Redding

Production Team
Director – Claire T-S
Producer – Emily Larcombe
Assistant producer – Siyang Wei
Publicity designer – Ruby Reding
Lighting designer – Chris L
Set designer – Lisa Bernhardt
Stage Manager – Lily Burge
Publicity photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Production photographer – Kaye Song
Makeup artist – Candy Huang
Sound designer – Andrew Tan
Costume designer – Amiya Nagpal
Assistant director – Callum Hill
Technical director – Min Ji Choi
Assistant set designer – Uma Ramachandran

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