Marie Antoinette

Catherine, aka Ruby Truelove, happened to be up in Edinburgh during my short visit there. We had talked about doing a photoshoot in Cambridge, but had not managed to find a time. So this was a great opportunity. We brainstormed over Facebook chat and came up with the plan to shoot at the National Museum of Scotland. What we had not realised was that they closed at 5pm, so as we were getting started one of the museum attendants showed up to politely tell us that they would be closing shortly. We managed to get a few more photos, before the polite lady returned and ushered us out. Catherine had seen a graffiti infested bridge earlier which we decided could be a nice contrast to the Marie Antoinette dress, so we headed there instead. Turns out someone had cleaned that graffiti, but luckily for us there were some great LED lights on the ground that added a bit of colour to the walls.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the evening.

The bust of a lady that almost looked like Marie Antoinette was our first stop when we arrived at the museum.
We managed to get a few photos in the main hall before we were made to leave the museum.
The stone walls under the bridge had some interesting textures. Here I have photoshopped out the LED lights from the bottom. The big opening of the bridge to the right gives us a nice soft light.
Playing with the feathers.
Having a bit of fun!

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