This term the Gilbert and Sulivan Society is performing “The Mikado”, directed by Eleanor Burke. The play is originally set in 1900s Japan, but here it has been exchanged for 1920s Brooklyn. I met up with the cast of Mikado for a photoshoot at Magdalene College. I always see some new locations when visiting Cambridge, and this time was no different. We had a beautiful little space in the college with a grand piano at our disposal.

Nanki-Poo loves Yum-Yum. Just one problem – she’s betrothed to Ko-Ko, the new Lord High Executioner. And Ko-Ko needs to find someone to execute, otherwise, it’s his own neck on the block. Maybe Ko-Ko and Nanki-Poo can come to some arrangement…without anyone losing their head?

Text from Camdram.

Harriet Spring and Sophie Ellis
Daniel Quigley, Alex Kubiesa, Katie Green and Katie Foxton
Alex Kubiesa
Fraser Rosser-Smyth and Lara Cosmetatos
Harriet Spring and Fraser Rosser-Smyth
Hope Whitehead and Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas
Eleanor Burke and Anna Smith
Sophie Ellis and Fraser Rosser-Smyth
Fraser Rosser-Smyth and Sophie Ellis

You can see the show at West Road Concert Hall, 7-9th February 2019. Tickets are available from the ADC webpage.

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Review: Varsity 4/5

The Mikado – Luke Thomas
Nanki-Poo – Fraser Rosser-Smyth
Ko-Ko – Joseph Dutton
Pooh-Bah – Rory Russell
Pish-Tush – Lara Cosmetatos
Yum-Yum – Sophie Ellis
Pitti-Sing – Harriet Spring
Peep-Bo – Louisa Stuart-Smith
Katisha – Hope Whitehead
Chorus – Eleanor Thompson, Katie Green, Nirupa Desai, Bella Biddle, Victoria Olphin, Zoe Grainger, Katie Foxton, Alex Watson, Daniel Quigley, Alex Kubiesa, Samantha Creswick
Production Team
Musical Director – Michael Cullen
Producer – Anna Smith
Publicity Designer – Marie-Louise James
Director – Eleanor Burke
Technical Director – Zak Karimjee
Set Designer – James Ireland
Stage Manager – Alix Marie d’Avigneau
Production Manager – Matthew Latham
Costume Designer – Victoria Olphin
Cultural Advisor – Jonathan Whiting
Assistant Director – Isaac Barkway
Assistant Musical Director – James Mitchell
Assistant Producer – Tiffany Charnley
Costume Designer – Clarissa Hard
Props Master – Serena Povia
Deputy Stage Manager – Isabella Woods
Lighting Designer – Dylan Phelps
CLX – Sam Porter-Frakes, Alice Chernaik
Choreographer – Vicki Lampitt
Headshot Photographer – David L Hone, Peter Minnig
Headshot and Rehearsal Photographer – Tom Olphin
Photoshoot Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

Preview: Varsity

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