Mist Diazepam

“MIST: Diazepam” is a new play by Johnny King which plays 23-24 October at the Howard Theatre, Downing College.

In a time and space where the public house has long since been obviated, the last bar in town is still in business. Unending instalments of diuretic bliss are handed out to the clientele while veteran compere Sydney Diazepam presents a cabaret of things almost forgotten. It’s a stable picture, but with the arrival of the enigmatic Viscera Skye those in attendance are dazed and struggle to maintain their own dreary perspectives. Welcome to Mist.

I met up with Johnny and part of the cast and photographed during one of their rehearsals.

Elise Hagan
Harry Burke
Jasper Vardag-Hunter, Harry Burke and Annabel Bolton.
Annabel Bolton and Harry Burke
Harry Burke and Annabel Bolton.

Preview: Varsity

Review: Varsity (3.5/5), TCS

Sydney Diazepam – Harry Burke
Viscera Skye – Annabel Bolton
Peta Blocker – Jo Heywood
Saliva Simone – Carine Valarche
Riley Flippant – Clodagh Kelsh
Ivanka – Ella Sbaraini
Bartender – Jasper Vardag-Hunter
Steward – Erika Price, Clodagh Kelsh
Nick Cave – Tim Atkin
Audience Liability – Ed Paget
Izanami Anagapesis – Daphne Chia
Shadow Fran – Francesca Bertoletti
Elfine Obscura – Amber Reeves Pigott
Supermassive Yurtle – Alice Bennett
Shadow Dynamo РSharla Petterson, Auréliane Pierret

Production Team
Producer – Gaia Fay Lambert
Director, Writer – Johnny King
Assistant Director, Writer – Carine Valarche
Musical Director – Michael Cullen
Set Designer – Eimear Ryan-Charleton
Costume Designer – Zoe Panagiotopoulos
Producer – Hannah Moss
Associate Producer – Zoe Black
Associate Director – Russell Fancourt
Publicity Strategist – Phoebe Bright, Caspar Bigham
Associate Producer – Caitlin Walsh
Publicity Strategist – Laura Cameron
Publicity Designer – Kieran Tam
Stage Manager – Grace Carton
Script Supervisor – Declan Amphlett
Set Builder – Emily McMillan
Assistant Technician – Kumarmanas Nethil
Photographer – Stephen Allwright
Audition Facilitator – Adam Woolf
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Improv Consultant – Elise Hagan

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