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First photoshoot of the year. Alma Faringer Hultberg came out to Näsbypark and we did a photoshoot in the green room. Alma is heading back to Germany in a few days, so it was great that we could find some time for a photoshoot before then. We used a bit of natural light for the first part, and then switched over to using my studio lights. We experimented a little bit with different light modifiers before finding a look we liked. The mood is a bit more sombre, which is fitting after a year such as 2020.

Alma Faringer Hultberg. I recently bought a new ceiling lamp for the Green Room, which came in plastic wrapping. I had planned to throw it out, but had not had energy to do so yet (too much time spent binge watching the Expanse), which was good as we ended up using it as a prop for a few photos.
Alma Faringer Hultberg
Alma Faringer Hultberg
Alma Faringer Hultberg
Alma Faringer Hultberg. We also included the new curtains in a photo.
Alma Faringer Hultberg. Prism can be fun, here we used it in front of the studio light to create a bit of a rainbow.
Alma Faringer Hultberg
Alma Faringer Hultberg. Notice the arch of light and shadow on the wall, and the pose matching it.
Alma Faringer Hultberg
Alma Faringer Hultberg

Many thanks to Alma for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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