Mother of Lions

Ruby Kearney joined me for a photoshoot around Fitzwilliam Museum. We started on King’s Lane, which has a great little tunnel. After taking some shots there¬†we proceeded to the museum entrance which has two pairs of lions guarding it. The lion statues provided a majestic feel to the photos, and inspired the blog name “Mother of Lions”, a homage to Daenery’s “Mother of Dragons”.

Ruby Kearney at the entrance of King’s Lane
Ruby Kearney. By sitting near the entrance of the tunnel, Ruby was well lit, while having a bit of shadows in the background.
Fitzwilliam Museum has a very grand entrance with all the stone columns.
Making the most of the location. I am shooting all these photos with a 35mm lens, to include more of the environment.
Ruby Kearney
Ruby Kearney, Mother of Lions.
This spot right between the lions were one of my favourite locations.
Ruby Kearney
Ruby Kearney and one of the lions.
Ruby Kearney
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