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I bought my old apartment in 2005 during my PhD. It was a studio apartment located in Näsbydal which has very good communications, a short train ride away from KTH where I worked. Back then three of my friends also lived in the area. I then rented out the apartment during my postdocs in Amsterdam and Cambridge, and when I came back to Stockholm in 2015 it felt like going back in time, when I came back to my old apartment. I have been keeping an eye on Hemnet over the past year or two, and at the beginning of February I bought a new apartment in Näsbypark where I grew up.

When selling my old apartment I decided to do the photography of the flat myself, which turned out to be a lot more difficult than I had first imagined. My original plan was to use my 35mm lens, but it was not wide enough. Luckily I also have an old 20mm lens which have been unused for years but now came in handy as it had a wider field of view.

I am here showing the photos in the order I took them. A big thank you to my parents who helped me getting the apartment in order for the sale, and to my brother Josef who helped transport my boxes with old stuff.

You want as much light as possible when photographing an apartment, which means daylight. The bathroom did not have any windows, so I decided to start the evening before and do my first photos there. It is really important to get the white balance right, as the fluorescent lights can otherwise easily give the photo a colour cast.
The second room I photographed was the storage room. I do not think this room has ever been this tidy before. Here I wanted to showcase how much space there was, so left the doors to the wardrobes open.
My mum suggested I take a photo of the view from the window during night time. I still had a tripod at home, so I gave it a try, and it turned out to be a really great shot which became the cover photo for the sales ad.
The hallway. There were two other similar apartments up for sale when I photographed mine, so I had a look at their photos. One thing I learned from their pictures was to leave the front door open.
The daytime view from the window. I remember when I went on the viewing of this apartment before buying it that I stood by the window and watched the rain create veils of water moving back and forth.
The kitchen. Again, it was important to make sure the photo looked bright, which meant higher ISO and more noise in the picture.
I quickly went outside to do a few photos of the exterior also.
One more shot of the building, my flat was on the seventh floor facing south.
On the third day of shooting I did some more photos of the kitchen, after printing and framing one of my old photos.
Another comment I got from my real estate agent Åsa was to get some cushions and a plaid for the sofa, to make it look more inviting. Here I framed the shot so you could see a bit of the kitchen table from the living room.

Link to the old ad for the apartment.

I will show what the new apartment in Näsbypark looks like in a later blog post.

— Johannes

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